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We have an extensive range of Pavers to suit your Job, big or small.

Concrete Pavers
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Adbri Masonry Bricks Landscape Pavers Retaining Walls Melbourne Victoria

Adbri produces an innovative range of designer pavers for patios, courtyards, entertaining areas & all your home paving projects.

National Masonry's range of inspirational, textured paving will create individuality and distinct character to your project.

National Masonry Bricks Landscape Pavers Retaining Walls Melbourne Victoria
Island Block Sustainable Eco Friendly Pavers Melbourne Victoria

Pavers for the Future are made to the highest standards from a quality engineered sand, consisting of processed coloured glass aggregates which provide on trend colours and textures that softly glisten.

Drivestone driveway pavers are the best choice for quality residential driveways. They are made with coloured aggregates or engineered glass sand. A variety of high quality surface finishes are also available.

Island Block Sustainable Eco Friendly Driveway Pavers Melbourne Victoria
Concrete pavers handmade Stone Stoneworks Landscape Gardens Melbourne Victoria


From patios and courtyards to walkways and swimming pools, Stoneworks Pavers will add that touch of class with their unique "Hand-Made Stone" finishes

Clay Pavers
Little Hampton Clay Pavers Landscape Melbourne Victoria

Little Hampton has been South Australia's favourite choice of clay paver for 120 years. The rich, earthy colours add distinction and quality to any project, regardless of design.

PGH pavers are formed from all natural Australian clay, sand & shale, producing long lasting colour, strength & beauty, making them right at home in courtyards, entertaining areas, driveways & patios.

PGH Bricks Pavers Clay Landscape Melbourne Victoria
Austral Brick Clay Pavers Landscape Melbourne Victoria

Austral Bricks clay pavers offer an unbeatable combination of qualities that guarantee your paving will give long and colourful service with little maintenance.

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